Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hey everybody!

As my first post, I decided to upload all the videos made during my freshman year at Emerson College. While I do not consider these videos to be the BEST display of my talent, I sure love them (and those who helped me on them) to pieces. They're real silly, so enjoy!


Boys Will Be Boys
Two college roommates, bored with homework, turn an otherwise idyllic afternoon into a round of punching games that ends horribly right.

He's Crippled In Love
Charlie could never catch a break with love. But a video dating service might be able to turn things around. So with the help of his roommates, Frank and Dustin, Charlie hopes to find his "Mrs. Right" (sure... a married chick). When he sees Holly, he thinks things may have finally changed. But maybe things with Holly...just aren't what they seem.

Rube: The Dr. Ferbius J. Mallone Story
The year is 1954. Dr. Ferbius J. Mallone has been teaching science at the prestigious Fendertonvale University for many an ought years. But can he still cut the mustard when the vile Gerald Von Hoffman is always on his case? Sly Train Productions present a thrillingly unscripted tale of science and one man's fight to find meaning in this roller coaster called life.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Voyage Of The Skoptsy
Can we excuse the perversions of man? Do we condemn or indulge their lustful practices? Is vanity fair?
"Voyage of the Skoptsy" is a short narrative music video created and molded around the music of Mr. Bungle's "Vanity Fair." All footage was shot by Casey Regan and edited by Julie Haberstick.

Butterfinger Ad Contest
Jordan's hungry. Eleanor has two Butterfingers. Jordan wants a Butterfinger. Eleanor will give Jordan a Butterfinger... with a catch.
Starring: Jordan Clifford & Eleanor Monahan
Shot/Cut/Original Music: Casey Regan
Images/Music/Candy: BUTTERFINGER ™


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