Friday, January 22, 2010

"Thy Kill Be Done" & "PUNK!"

Hey everybody!

So we just wrapped on the first day of shooting for "Thy Kill Be Done," a short badasssss nunsploitation film co-written and co-directed by myself and Greth Productions' Greg Hanson. The plot of which involves the murder of a Monsignor by a gang of nefarious hoodlums and the nuns who vow to seek revenge and clean up the crime-filled streets. Oh, and did I mention that these nuns were missionaries during the Vietnam War? They know how to kick an ass or two, and they do so with baseball bats, rosary beads, and other interesting weapons.

Greg and I wrote the script many months ago and pitched it to the National Broadcasting Society of Emerson College for their Fall Semester film. NBS chose us, gave us some green, and sent us on the way to making the coolest story since the book of Revelations.

The plan with "Thy Kill Be Done" is to use outdated film stock (both an aesthetic and financial choice) to recreate the style exploitation films and B-Movies of the 1970s. Along with Director of Photography, Seth Applebaum, Greg and I hope to make what will be a really amazing and different project.

Also, I am so amazingly happy with the cast that we selected for this project! Please look them up if you want AMAZING talent working with you!

Sister Yvonne - Jessica Webb
Sister Morgan - Chaseedaw Giles
Sister St. Claire - Rachel Cervarich
Monsignor O'Byrron - Kevin Kate
Scratch - Scott Hand
Weasel - William Carlson
Dirk - Colin Valkenet
Vinny - Dan Tiffany
Father Arnold - David Kopcych
The Stranger - Corey Lopez
Bartender - A.G. Wilde
Bar Patron - Paul Kelley

All through the weekend, we will be working hard to bring you the best in Nunsploitation goodness! I can not wait to be able to put up some on-set photos as well as maybe even a trailer! Stay on the lookout for that and get excited!


While you wait, here is the finished product of "Punk!," my Film 1 final project. I hope you all enjoy!


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